Signs of Fall–A Roundup

red leaf

One of these is not like the other ones…


The hornworm is running out of time before he starts his morph into one of my favorite critters: the hummingbird moth. I left this one alone because I am overrun with cherry tomatoes and am indulging in scientific inquiry: how big will it get?


My New England asters  (novae-angliae) are a purple and pink wash of native glory. They seem to vibrate with the buzzing bees that blanket them.

praying mantis

Here’s a praying mantis from my school garden. Apparently they’re not as benign as I thought. A little research revealed that, yes, they eat bad bugs, but they also eat beneficial ones. Even worse, some (not sure if this is true in New England) get big enough to eat hummingbirds. Don’t google! The photos are fairly horrifying.


Time to get to work so we’ll be warm this winter…You’ve got to plan ahead up here.


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