It All Begins With Onions


Spring requires a leap of faith most years, but this year it might just require an ice axe. Yesterday was the vernal equinox, so happy spring everyone. But seriously: does it look like spring out there? Are there any signs that would encourage seed starting, apple tree pruning, or maple tapping?

Well, there is one: the extra light. Yes, despite the temps–and the forecast calls for subzero, potentially record-setting cold Sunday or Monday–we really are gaining on it. “It” being spring and summer, which I believe are buried under the two feet of snow still drifted around our yard. We have added 3 hours and 15 minutes more light since the winter solstice. Hurrah.

So yesterday–hey it’s spring–we dutifully pruned one apple tree, thought about tapping the maples, and came inside. The maples will wait til the latest round of arctic cold passes. The sap won’t be running anyway.

Inside I demonstrated my faith by starting my first seeds. It all begins with onions. I dug out my neatly organized box and found the Red Bulls, Redwings, and the Rossa di Milanos. I found the Prisma shallots too, but saved the leeks for another day. I am alliumed out for the moment.


I retrieved my stash of hoarded, recycled plastic clamshell salad containers and proceeded to plant. Garden season 2015 has officially begun here at Windy Ridge.

future onions

Future onions. Trust me, they’re in there.

Seed trays

Free mini-greenhouses.

Today the dog is sitting on the snowbank in front of the house, and the snowbanks along the road are black, but decorated with fresh white snow from this week’s blowing and drifting. If the skiing were better, I might be more patient, but it’s crusty out there. The only dubious signs of spring are bare patches on the lawn, though we get those in winter as well, courtesy of yard-scouring arctic winds. And I just noticed something: it’s snowing again.


Spring eventually will get here. It will. But it won’t be today.


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